Hairdressing equipment: helmets, hair sprays and hair dryers

Thanks to its experience on the market since 1969 and to its 40-year development, Metalplast offers its product range for hair dressers and its professional equipment for hair stylists to all the most qualified wholesalers and retailers.

The company personally manufactures – from the raw material to the finished product – all the models of our hair drying hoods, thermo-stimulators, hair steamers and hair dryers lines; implementing a continuous quality check on all manufacturing phases.

Our Technical Department makes use of the most advanced 3D programmes, and all prototypes are tested under the more severe operating conditions to ensure product safe operation and max. duration under any condition.

All our electrical equipment for hair dressers and technical trolleys for hair stylists are wholly manufactured by our company with Italian components only, and in compliance with a total quality programme. Items are all tested and certified by independent laboratories, and they are individually tested before being shipped out to the customer.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with the standards in force in Europe and bear the CE mark.

Metalplast – Draghetti and all its staff are at the customers’ disposal to fulfil any need, can offer a range of special products, and can satisfy any request for customization.

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